Testing Application

Test Your Application
Once you build your application and implanted the oAuth2.0 standards, you can test your application easily via your development store.
Usually the development stores need to be created by you, so to start with your first development store you will need to click on Development Stores item from the side menu
Empty Development Stores Page
Click on create a store button on the top right, your development store should be created and added automatically to your partner account.
Make sure to save your password
Once you created your development store, a new section will be added to your application update page, which allow you to publish this application into your development store !
You can publish your app from here (App Update Page)
Once you publish it you will find it in App Market tab in your merchant dashboard.
Publish your application to the market
Once you are confidence about the app, you can ask to publish it into all of our merchants in the Zid AppMarket, by simply tik the tok !
You can publish your app from here (App Update Page)
Then our team will review the application and make sure it met our standards, once it reviewed and accepted it will be listed in the market.
  1. 1.
    Any change on your OAuth application data after it listed will un publish it from the market which will require to be sent to review again in order to list it.
  2. 2.
    Javascript Application would be disabled once it is published.