Subscription Events

These webhook events wil help the partner to get real time updates on the application subscription.

Webhook Events

Event Name
Send notification on successful activation of subscription
Send notification 3 days day before the last date, where T is the duration of the plan in days
Send notification on completion of subscription
Send notification on T+5 days of subscription where 5 days are GRACE PERIOD and T is tne duration of the plan in days
Send notification on successfull renew of the same plan subscription 5 days before the last date
Send notification on upgrade of subscription
Send notification on refund of subscription
Send notification on installation of application
Send notification on uninstallation of application

Subscribe Webhook

We tried to make the webhook integration as simple as possible by enabling partners with the webhook management screen. All the above mentioned webhook events can be subscribed with the webhook management screen:
Webhook Management

Sample Webhook Request

Making it easy to integration with the partners system we have made a generic request data for all the webhook events. Meaning all the webhook events shares the same (below) request structure.
"app_id": 65,
"status": "active",
"end_date": "2021-11-11T19:36:36.000000Z",
"store_id": 12594,
"plan_name": "Super 30",
"plan_type": "Paid",
"store_url": "http://zid.store/abcd/",
"event_name": "app.market.subscription.active",
"start_date": "2021-10-13T19:36:36.000000Z",
"amount_paid": 1150,
"old_plan_name": null,
"merchant_email": "[email protected]",
"merchant_phone_no": "966501666607"