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Type of apps

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    OAuth Application: This type of application are third party apps which are integrated and authenticate using the OAuth 2.0 specification to use Zid's API resources click here.
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    Javascript Application: This type of application injects javascripts based on the events to keep track of customer activity and provide solutions/analytics click here.
As a developer you can publish application in two ways on Zid AppMarket, Public and Private Applications under the hood both types are the same, however the only difference is the listing status, for example, a public application may be published on the market for all of our merchants, so any one can view it and install it.
On the other hand, the private application is the kind of application that can be installed on specific store/s only with listing it on the market, and can not be installed unless the merchant is explicitly granted to.
One use case for the private application is once you want to develop a specific app for a specific merchant need.