Rate Limiting

The Rate Limiting policy limits the number of requests an API accepts within a window of time. The API rejects requests that exceed the limit. You can configure multiple limits with window sizes ranging from milliseconds to years.

Quota and Throttling Policy

The Throttling policy queues requests that exceed limits for possible processing in a subsequent window. The API eventually rejects the request if processing cannot occur after a certain number of attempts. You can configure a delay between retries, as well as limit the number of retries.
In general, each application or subscription has some limits, thus we protect our backend and maintain cool service for other consumers, however we are aware that in some cases you might need exceptions, and we do exceptions, email us about your case, we might help you.
Never hit too many requests in order to get something status, for example order status or payment status, for such cases, please consider using our rich WebHook APIs.
Last modified 2yr ago