⭐️ Getting Started

In AppMarket, developers can accomplish and create awesome things to be used by thousands of merchants and business owners, to help you to get started we will need to understand how to build apps.

Things you can build

With our expressive APIs you can build many features and large scale projects and integrate it with thousands of online stores hosted on Zid, these features could be as simple as adding a small button on the the merchant panel or could be full scale accounting software, thus allowing merchant to use and consume you apps via installing it from the AppMarket.
In the following few steps, you will understand more about Apps and how to build, test and ship them live into the market, and even start to sell them via our Subscription APIs.

Partner Dashboard

The starting point of building application is having your account on our partner dashboard, from this dashboard you will be able to:
  • Try and play with our APIs via one click and generate cURLs on the fly via the expressive open API 3.0 docs.
  • Publish and test your application on your own testing store till you make sure everything is crystal and clear.
  • Build and create your first application, update it, monitor installs and more.
  • List your application to the market or delete it.
  • Create you first development store to test things out.
The registration process is easy and it can be done with in >1 minute, so basically, you do every thing from one place.